UI, UX & Design

Engage 2.0


Product Design for Demand Side Platform(DSP). Engage 2.0 is a Demand Side Platform(DSP) that allows its users to create, manage and deliver their online marketing campaigns and places databases across multiple exchanges.

Process workflow involved till the completion of project.

Research - Design - Test - Deliver


For most Enterprise software companies and SaaS platforms that are provisioning abundant volumes of data to their users, making well-designed table user experiences are a priority. My role as a product designer was to bring a state-of-the-art data table interaction experience to the product and enhance clarity, ease users’ lives and maximize the data’s insight potential.

Engage had previously built the backend system required to connect and get different APIs talking to the system. But it was purely an engineering-led effort, which meant although the capability to execute a function existed, it could only be operated and understood by a specialist. The UI that was built was essentially some open source programs loosely tied together in an ad-hoc manner, stretched beyond their capabilities.


Engage Behaviour


For a Campaign management dashboard, it's essential to have reusable components, these components are the reusable building blocks of Engage dashboards system. Each component meets a specific interaction or UI need and has been specifically created to work together to create patterns and intuitive user experiences.

I called these components as "Behaviour"


Moments Graph will allow targeting the audience in real-time based on criteria such as Sports fans, Fitness Enthusiasts, Entertainment Fanatics, and Foodies among many others.

My role as a UI/UX designer, I had to collaborate with the  Engineering and the product team to come up with a visual impact for this graph since the set of icons was huge and at the same time, we had to match the theme with a minimal approach.


A sneak peek at the drag-drop module to generate the report and to make sure of a minimal interface by keeping all the data sets in place.